Voice overs come in all shapes and sizes but it’s not often you get sent a script that’s only one word long.

Yes, a single word.

On the upside I could tell that this particular recording session wouldn’t be dragging on for hours and hours.

I mean, how many different ways can you find to vary the pronunciation and delivery of one word?

Well, after while, the brain does funny things when it seems that options have run out. It starts to tell you that it’s all wrong and you’re missing the mark.

That’s where a good producer slides in to the equation. They have a clear vision for the sound and feel of what they want to be the ideal accompaniment for their lovingly crafted visual imagery. “Slightly more intense please, good, now a little more resolve and just a tad bigger, one more a bit deeper, that’s it, you’ve nailed it”.

Another hard day in the studio completed….

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