It was time for a long-overdue refresh of the logo. New look, new logo. So what are the main drivers for a logo for a voice over anyway?

  1. It’s got to depict what I do.
  2. It must be bright, vibrant, clean and easy to read.
  3. It’s got to be professional, yet friendly, personal and not too corporate.

My first step was to set up a PowerPoint which I used as a sort of scrapbook for the kind of things I was looking for, to round up my ideas and inspiration.

Oh, I’ve skipped quite an important and extremely time-consuming bit – searching for and selecting the right graphic designer to do the job.

It’s a minefield out there. I reached out through the usual search engines to see who there was that impressed. Wow. So much noise to sift through. I had to rein myself in as I’d spent countless hours trawling through portfolio after portfolio.

There’s a vast amount of talent out there to choose from but it’s undeniable that you have to wade through an enormous amount of mediocre and poor quality stuff too in order to find them. But it’s the same for everything now, isn’t it. The internet is so awash with people from all corners of the world pedalling their stuff. It’s like a world-wide car boot sale, in a very big field!

Well, I found my designer, gave the brief and within a couple of short message exchanges and revisions received my brand new finished logo design. You can see how it sits on the homepage and also throughout the website on the news page and here on the about page.


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