If you ever get sent a self-test kit for your bowells you might just find it’s my voice explaining how to use it.

It might not be the most paletable of topics but it’s nonetheless essential information.

The Faecal Immunochemical test kit enables people to carry out their test in the privacy of their own home.

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Voice overs come in all shapes and sizes but it’s not often you get sent a script that’s only one word long.

Yes, a single word.

On the upside I could tell that this particular recording session wouldn’t be dragging on for hours and hours.

I mean, how many different ways can you find to vary the pronunciation and delivery of one word?

Well, after while, the brain does funny things when it seems that options have run out. It starts to tell you that it’s all wrong and you’re missing the mark.

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If a picture speaks a thousand words then how many words does a video speak? How do you pitch a voice over for a hair salon’s video?

In this video you can get a clear understanding of what it’s like to be a customer in this luxury hair salon.

This style and tempo of voice over sets out to highlight the quality of the ambience, surroundings and decor that build the image and perception for the prospective customer who views the finished video. This voice over for hair salon video strikes a tone of luxury.

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Dave Myatt Voice Over Photo in studio for What's a voice over blog 1280x853-Blog-Image-Wide

What is a voice over? The true definition goes like this: on a television programme, film, or advertisement, the spoken words of a person that you cannot see.

It’s possible to get through much more information, much quicker if you don’t have to have the person speaking the lines in vision whilst they’re speaking. The images can cover more ground without having to focus on the person speaking. Indeed, sometimes it’s very distracting to have the person on screen.

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